Key To Evergreen Happiness


Happiness is for sure the one common thing that can be found in everyone’s to do list. Often people relate high happiness to better working culture, living environment, financial situations, etc. But should we believe that?

Happiness as a term is so vast and can’t be reduced to just having smile on face all the time. There are several things which affect our overall mood. From the look on a beautiful butterfly to the death of a common bird due to current, this is all affected. Here are some Key points for Evergreen happiness

#01. Having Less Expectation

Many a times you would have heard of this tip. And there is a reason, this is the best way to remain out of stress. All the suicide thing and whole lot of emotions which keep hurting us is just the function of this.

#02. Stop Dreaming Alot

Everytime you think of some goal, you tend to be immersed in it completely. It is fine, having goal in life is rather best. But I have a suggestion – Go and read ‘Mugeri Lal k haseen Sapne‘ based stories. Whenever you fail after getting close to your goal in mind it is obvious to feel sad.

#03. Try New Things

The life we have got is common to all. Even then there is still some difference. Do you wonder why? People over time develop a set of ideas which according to them is ideal. This is largely affected by the environment and related factors. Till the time, you are caught up in the same thing, you will feel boring. Exploring new things will thrill you and in return gives a chill after coming out. Exactly this is how memories are created.

#04. Get Social

When I say get Social, it doesn’t mean surround yourself with people or simply meddle. One thing often most successful people miss out on is family time and knowing the ground reality. This is what I am relating to by saying this. Always be grounded. This helps you forget your problem. Also, if you are taking this in general i will tell you a fact. Networking is one of the best part of human connections and success reasons.

#05. Let It Be Natural

Of all the above mentioned points about acheieving happiness, this is the most important one. Never force yourself to be happy, just get to the root and solve problem gradually. Believe that ups and downs are part of life. Believe in miracles.

Apart from this, if you keep on doing good work, think well about others, never harm them and fill yourself with a sense of humanity, I guarantee you will be the only person to stay happy in grave as well. Nobody gives a fuck about you. In this mean world satisfy yourself. Always have in mind, this must not be materialistic because that fades.
Happiness is yours.
Go, Grab it.

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