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Are you one of those guys who thinks a lot before doing? Or one who believes in doing the way wanted? More often than not, people find themselves belonging to either of the categories. The matter is though that everyone knows we must not overthink and do things positively with adequate preparedness. What about reading something? A lot of people on this Earth love reading, and I don’t doubt saying they are not only introverts. Have you ever really wondered what it takes to read? Maybe you are reading too much but not getting the fuck out of it. Here is what it takes to develop reading habit.

To be a good speaker, you must be a good listener. We all have heard of this phrase, right? The same case is also there, before you want to be a good writer you must be a good reader. Though, it’s not that everyone wants to write. People want to do a lot of things, But they are unable to. To develop reading habit though is an easy task. Have some perseverance and keen interest, you will catch it soon. Let me ask you a question- Do you love watching movies, or listening to fairy stories or anything such? The one thing they have in common that they visualise dreams. The same goes with reading. Out of fiction and non-fiction, it is always better to read fiction for non intellectuals.

Why You Want to Develop Reading Habit?

After you have read all the above text and decided to seek motivation on reading, this is what you must answer yourself. Suppose you want to do this to understand environment around you, or maybe to have better life idea. Other things can be you enjoy being lost in others world and also probably you have enough time. Is reading capable of serving your this need? Be exact please.
For those waiting for me to answer, I will tell, this depends on situation. The point till you are reading to accomplish some goal out of you, this is in vain. You must engross and this can only be done when your subconscious mind knows you are feeling great. Don’t decide to develop reading habit till you live to read.

What you want to Read?

The obvious question in the conversation. Need motivation? Need to use time wisely? Anyways, reading is really varied person-wise. One thing you need to consider while trying to develop reading habit is to push yourself to try different genres. Maybe you know you enjoy reading X, but trying Y has equally good chance of you liking that.

When to Read?

Is reading your breakfast? Or something sort of lunch or dinner? No I guess. Why spend time thinking on when to read then. Read when you want to read. It is as simple as that. Forcing is never the option. Just to put an example some writers tend to finish their writing in few weeks, while some take years. Ever wanted to know the reason?
It is very simple though. No pointless talk. They write only when they want, you must be equally acting. By the way, Its easy to think that people or writer develop reading and writing habit over time. We are talking of just starting and taking up with it though.

How to Read?

I think you know how small things make the biggest of differences. So, the probability of you pondering of this is also enough.

Reading is an art. And you know what to do with art? Art to me is completely independent thing. You don’t need any rules. The more out of box you are, the more better.

So, never think of jumping through the lines. If someone has written and it is reaching you then it has atleast something like reading if not implementing. In starting a lot of people find themselves in a situation of not able to concentrate. Or they miss visiting library for simply no reason. This should be avoided. But this doesn’t mean that you keep on pressurising yourself. There isn’t any speed too. Just recall how slow you were at typing when you started with phone? Laughing at yourself? Not needed though. Speed like things come with time.

How to make Reading valuable?

This is very important. Just thinking and not acting. Taking food in front and not eating. Going to theater and being busy on phone. This all is very common, no? The same thing I can say with reading, getting but not using. Books have lessons in millions. You just need the eyes to find them.

Never read with Prejudice. Never try to relate everything with you only. Try to live in the moment.
We often while reading a non-fiction tend to relate too early situations with today. And this bubble bursts as we advance through chapters. The same is with fiction, we keep on guessing the climax With events. This all is fun and often related to human conscience but this must be limited.


People have been reading for ages and millions are writing too. You just need to go to the root and really check what all is stopping you. Maybe you don’t know the language well, or maybe you have some Prejudice with writers thinking. This all largely effects your interest. Never give up hope. There is solution to everything in this world like this solution I suggest to develop reading habit. You just need to find. And books have many of them.
Go read.

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