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Life in itself is an examination, isn’t it? But for the time now we Are not going to discuss that. Let’s talk of any exam in general. We always have some sort of fear while appearing for an exam. Whether exam is of school, college or some competition it comes with one thing in common. And that is Anxiety and Fear. Though there is so much written on examination tips, I am here up with a systemic guide. This all can be summed up in following points.

Here are 16 Examination Tips which will make Your Exam Perfect

Examination tips
  1. First of all, set your mind that what type of exam you are going to be sit.
  2. See the whole syllabus and remember it.

  3. You have to know about your marking schemes.

  4. Know that whether something is change in your syllabus or not.

  5. Makes special notes from which you can go through.

  6. Take ideas from the question bank.

  7. Do smart study not hard work.

  8. Always remember you can get sucess.

  9. Read the newspaper.

  10. Don’t be panic.

  11. Keep confidence in your mind.

  12. Make outlines and remember all the important points.

  13. You can also take help from your techers and friends.

  14. Online videos can also help you but make sure that don’t get confused by seeing many videos.

  15. Maintain your health because it is very important for your exam.

  16. Keep distnace from negative peoples and don’t waste your time on social media.

All the above mentioned examination tips are helpful and if you go through these tips, it will definitely help you alot. And I am sure that if you follow these examination tips then it will give you success in the upcoming exams.

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